Quality First

The company supplies the highest quality spare parts to Renault Samsung Motors.
The company started in 1995 as KARTEK, and in 2007 it was newly launched as a GESTAMP KARTEK.

Our Vision

To be the most renowned automotive supplier for our ability to adapt our business to create value for the customer, while maintaining sustainable economic and social development.

Our Product

Our products are the result of our commitment: Working for a Safer and Lighter Car. From individual parts to complex assemblies, primarly produced from steel.

Our R&D

For us the R & D is a priority. We believe that innovation is a key factor for success through differentiating our products and services. When designing and manufacturing our products,


One of Gestamp’s premises is to control and minimize the environmental impact of our activities.
On a worldwide context, we are facing major environmental challenges. Among these is climate change, which has been identified as one of the biggest risk factors worldwide. Additionally, the United Nations has marked it as one of its main Sustainable Development Goals. This is therefore a major issue for both our main stakeholders and the economic sustainability of the Company.

As manufacturers of automotive components, we leave an impact that must be taken into account throughout the life-cycle of the vehicle, and not just during the manufacturing stage of our parts. This is why we are committed to adapt and use the best techniques available in our facilities and to take environmental issues into account when designing them.